SuperFlipbooks were there. They recorded 7-second videos of you and turned those images into a flipbook. Good fun! –Marlyn A.

Have you had a chance to create a flipbook, starring you?! Now’s your chance! **Super Flipbooks** gives you 7 seconds of glory to move around while they record, then prints out a little book for you to witness yourself and friends in action. We all had such fun trying it out, and even got a little ridiculous. Good times! – Denise L.

Super Flipbooks was there as well – My girls, Shirley N. & Caroline T., and I had a blast spinning and jumping around for the making of our flipbook. Too much fun! – Dorothy L.

Super Flipbooks was also on site to catch the excitement and the two gentlemen who ran it were incredibly friendly and eager to help us have fun. – Meg T.

I am SO glad that I got to go to Yelp’s Field Trip!! I had an absolute blast at Yelp’s Gym Class for Adults.  I got to try TRX for the first time AND the flipbooks were SOOOO cool. – Alyx F.



Superflipbooks was a major hit at my wedding!

Their prices are more than competitive. I requested quotes from several other flipbook companies, and Superflipbooks beat all of them by a long shot. AND they were willing to travel at a more than reasonable rate. Compared to other flipbook companies, they are by far the best in terms of value.

They were very professional and easy to work with. They were quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had…and I had a lot of questions. 😉 They showed up early and were prepared for the rush of guests who were curious about what a flipbook was.

During and after the wedding, many people commented about what a unique idea it was to have a flipbook station rather than a regular photobooth. With a flipbook station, your guests actually get to be creative and have fun being silly. They get to make a video mini clip and see it become animated through a flipbook.

I know that with other weddings I’ve been to, you hardly get to spend any time with the bride or groom. But because I had a flipbook station, I was able to dance and be silly with a majority of my guests. And we all received a flipbook memento to remember it all.

I would definitely recommend Superflipbooks!

Check out the mini-clips from my wedding to see what I mean!…



So apparently these guys were a hit a my wedding (I was running around taking photos and talking to people.) Flipbooks offer something different than the traditional photobooth that we had seen at

From beginning to the end they were great – responded lightning fast to all of my questions, personalized covers according to our requests and were definitely the cheapest flipbook vendor that I could find (and I asked quite a few.)

I believe they were on time for my wedding (like I said, was running around), but the kicker was that they stayed much longer than the time I booked – mainly to make sure that everyone got to make their videos and to make sure all of the books were completed before the night was over.

I did feel bad that I didn’t have vendor meals for them because I didn’t know that they were going to stay that long, but I sorta made it up because at least they got cake. They were good sports about it though. Sorry guys! 

Like I said – big hit, cheaper than others, worked overtime. Can’t beat that.

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